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Written Testimonials

I have been a member of the group since 2014. This was my first venture into networking, and I’m pleased to say it’s been a very rewarding experience. Not only in terms of the additional business opportunities it has generated for JJNET, but also in terms of the personal development that occurs naturally when you meet with a close group of like-minded professionals on a weekly basis. I recommend anyone that serious of developing their business to consider networking- it’s not an “instant fix” in terms of new business, but something that will build strong relationships & bear fruit in good time.

Russell Elliott - Managed IT Services

"I started attending the EFBG about 5 years ago. I am a web designer and of course a big fan of online promotion, however during my comparitively short time with the group I can hand on heart say the the group has been directly responsible a substantial portion of the contracts we have aquired during our time here."

Arhon Ankhkara - Website Designer