Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

"I joined the group in September 2017. I had never attended a networking group before, I was made very welcome and any apprehension I might have had was quickly removed by the friendly and professional members. I find our meetings very interesting and enjoy the networking between the members."

Samantha Wicks - Mortgage Solutions

"I enjoy EFBG because of the buzzy atmosphere each Thursday morning. The power of networking at the group is very strong and most important is that we all trust one and another in recommending business to each other."

Ian Clements - Insurance

"I have been coming to the group since 2010. I have done quite a lot of work for existing and former members of the group. I have had opportunities to supply personally selected/designed jewellery for members, including tanzanite earrings and an engagement ring."

Stewart Berg - Jewellers

"Being part of the Epping Forest Business Group is not only beneficial in business terms but in growing personally - its a friendly atmosphere where you can rely on good advice and support. It is a great place to develop business contacts as well as friendships. With few rules and expectations business flows naturally and organically."

Angie Phillips - Graphic Designer